• Are you working in Hungary as a foreigner, but don’ speak Hungarian?
  • Are you going to visit Hungary as a tourist and you would like to understand a few words?
  • Is your partner a Hungarian native speaker and you would like to speak with his/her family members in Hungarian?
  • Your family is originally from Hungary but you grown up abroad and would like to practice the language?

Learn Hungarian language easily from your home or even from your workplace through the internet using your computer or smartphone.

  • You don't need to spend time and money on transportation.
  • You can fit the language learning into your daily schedule according to your own preference.
  • It is very convenient. All You need to do is download Skype, which is a very popular communication form worldwide. The downloading and usage of Skype is free of charge.
  • We design a customized curriculum fitting to each client’s goal (For example: grammar and vocabulary for beginners, conversation for medium or upper class, preparation for language exams).
  • Short-term, intensive course is also available.

We recommend this type of online lessons to clients who:

  • Do not prefer group classes. One to one teaching has a relaxed atmosphere and clients may learn in their own pace and rhythm.
  • It is especially convenient for clients who want to save time and money on transportation
  • Or those who live far from the cities and cannot travel easily.

Patient and friendly teacher with college and language school teaching experience will help you achieve your language learning goals.


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